Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Live awaiting my death
Yes,I Live awaiting my death

Because I can get greater peace after my death
for which I was afraid till my last breathe...

I don't love my outer beauty which goes in vain after my death.
But I Love my inner Virtue which makes me to stand still on this earth after my Last breathe...

I Love making relations,
not for the overwhelmed joy which make my day.
But for the UnforgettableMemories which last till mah last day...

Today I feel happy being me,
when my simple Smile changes the mood of the people around.
My last day I feel Happiest being me,
when my smarter thought changes the fate of people in need...

I strive to achieve ,
not for the victory I expect which comes some day.
But for the satisfaction I get on mah last day...


Smiley !! said...

Guud One.. Keerthz!! :D ..

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